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Light for Africa Ministries has been fighting unemployment in South Africa. We started a sewing project so we could hire people that need jobs. They had been making school uniforms that are required to attend public school.  

With the COVID 19 pandemic, all schools had been closed!  Therefore, all their contracts had been put on hold. In order to keep employing those that had been making the uniforms, we shifted to making masks as they are a demand to curb coronavirus.  As from 16 March, the entire country of South Africa is in lock down. Light for Africa Sewing Project has started to manufacture masks.

The South African Government has mbroidery Sewing Machinerelaxed some of the COVID-19 Level 3 Lockdown Regulations. Some Businesses have reopened and schools will reopen on February 15, 2021.

NEEDS: To be more efficient and to operate economically we need our own Industrial Embroidery Sewing Machine.

COST: $10,000

Unlimited Possibilities

from Our

Unlimited God!

Light For Africa Needs Your Support

Light For Africa Ministries appreciates and with a grateful heart, accepts your support and donation to help us build our vision. Click here to complete your donation. 

Light For Africa is Back to Church

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Mission Trips

Dr. Mdlalose hosts teams from the United States every year in June. You will be involved in the ministries or in whatever way God may use you in your calling and gifting.

Mission Trip Package

Light for Africa Ministries does the package and coordination for you.

The package includes:

  • Accommodations at 4 star hotels
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • R & R – Shakaland and Game Reserve

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School & Classrooms

In our Christian School, the children can:
  1. Believe: come to Jesus at an early age”
  2. Educate: learn the Bible, as it will be used in our curriculum
  3. Grow: be built into a Godly generation
  4. Teach: be taught by qualified staff
  5. Resources: Library and Computer Laboratory

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Sewing Project

Sewing Project: The Sewing Project exists for the purpose to empower communities which  have been stricken by poverty and high unemployment, even up to 70% in the rural areas.  We are combating poverty eradicating unemployment.

For each and every uniform made and sold provides a uniform for an orphan…

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We provide:
  1. A Home: a place they can call “home”
  2. Food: a balanced diet that promotes health
  3. Education: Jesus Plus Education Equals Success to a Nation
  4. Clothes: school uniforms, shoes, other everyday clothing
  5. Security: their safety is a 24/7 priority
  6. Health: checkups and medicines for their long-term well being

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Opportunities to Donate to Light For Africa to Support God’s Outreach to African Nations

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